Take the Challenge and Transform Your Life in 5 Days

Do you struggle getting your weight loss started and then staying motivated for a lifetime?

Does the scale upset you and influence your behaviors?

Do you feel restricted with your food choices when you attempt to lose weight?

Do you feel the need to count calories in order to control your weight loss efforts?

The #ChangeChallenge is going to take you through a 5 day intensive transformational journey. Each day you’ll be given a new challenge to complete that will help you build confidence, learn consistency, and transform your life.

You’re also going to get an invitation to access our private Facebook group. I and everyone who is undergoing the #ChangeChallenge will be there sharing, encouraging, and supporting each other through the process.

During the challenge you’re going to attack your transformation from 4 different directions…


Transformation starts with changing how you think, as this is what leads to desired behaviors. You’ll be given one mindset challenge that will get you relying on yourself to self-validate your progress instead of relying on external tools.


You’re going to be given a nutritional challenge – one that’s going to enable you to eat any food you want while still being able to maintain a healthy body weight. Satisfaction, moderation, and enjoyment are key to a sustainable lifestyle change.


Your body is capable of some amazing things. For your exercise challenge you’ll experience just how fast you can make progress with your strength. The confidence you gain from this is amazing.


You’re also going to undergo a recharge challenge – an action you’ll take that tops up your willpower and gets you high on life. You’re going to start seeing the world differently with this one.

Ready to Take the Challenge?

Just click the button below and share your name and email address. I’ll send you an email with your private invitation to joint our Facebook group.

Then on July 2nd you’ll get your first daily challenge. I’ll be talking about the challenge more up until then and you’ll be getting more info to prepare.