Eat What You Like – Like Who You See … Guaranteed

Like most people you’ve tried numerous different diets and eating styles. Some might have resulted in weight loss but none resulted in permanent change.

You’ve probably been told to eat xxxx number of calories by one person and then someone else tells you something completely different.

The scale mocks your lack of progress and weight loss never happens fast enough.

You give up all your favorite foods in the name of weight loss but end up eating them anyways once the feelings of restriction and deprivation get the best of you.

And are you really supposed to be doing insane amounts of cardio until you just can’t dig up the willpower to get out the door anymore?

I get it. This is supposed to be simple but we’re all more confused than ever.

As a NASM certified personal trainer and transformation coach, I’ve worked with thousands of clients since opening my “doors” in 2011, and have seen every possible struggle you can think of. Not to mention, I’ve personally been through all the struggles myself over the course of my own transformation…

Here’s the thing – you don’t have to kill yourself with exercise you don’t like or give up your favorite foods to lose weight.

But you do have to follow a process, and you do have to be consistent with that process.

That’s what I’m here for and why working 1-on-1 with me is going to be what changes your life.

By the time we’re done working together you’ll…

  • have a much improved body image so you no longer feel shame over your appearance
  • have a more balanced approach to eating – being able to eat “fun” foods on a daily basis if you want
  • look forward to exercise because you’re no longer doing it for the sole purpose of weight loss
  • be motivated for a lifetime because you’ll have found your true “why” for wanting to change
  • be stronger, leaner, healthier, more confident, happier, more consistent, and be a role model to friends, family, and co-workers

Your journey is just beginning. You’re here because you want to change. Don’t give up on yourself.

I’ll be your personal coach and support you every step of the way.

Here’s what you get when you work 1-on-1 with me…

Asset #1: Initial Assessment & Strategy Planning

Before we even get started you’ll fill out a questionnaire that will help me get to know your personality, history, struggles, and day to day life.

I’ll be using this information to formulate a plan of attack for your transformation. Your coaching is 100% individualized and shaped to fit your own unique circumstances.

Asset #2: Weekly Accountability Check-Ins via Video Response

I’m not just going to tell you what to do and then send you on your way. I’m going to be working side by side with you over the months to ensure you’re supported on your journey.

Every week I’ll send you a check-in questionnaire to fill out. I’ll be taking that information and recording a 10-15 minute video response.

In the video I’ll be adjusting your nutrition and exercise for continued progress, addressing struggles and victories, and coaching you to your goal.

Asset #3: Unlimited Priority Email Access

In addition to the video check-ins, you’ll also get unlimited email access to me between check-ins just in case you need support.

I realize you might have questions or struggles pop up more than once per week. So this kind of access will help you feel further supported on your journey.

I answer all client emails Monday-Friday within 24 hours.

Asset #4: Customized Nutrition Plan

No two people need the same approach to nutrition.

Some people like counting calories while others have never even attempted it. Some people are vegan, vegetarian, or need to cut out things like gluten or dairy per their doctor’s request.

We’re going to determine the best course of action for you to take. Maybe that means counting calories in the short term. Maybe it means not counting calories at all and taking a pure intuitive eating approach.

I’ve coached people through all of it and know what to look for in your personality when finding a nutritional strategy you’ll thrive on.

Asset #5: Customized Workout Program

Similar to nutrition, we all need a different approach to exercise.

Not all of us have a gym membership, nor do we all have a desire to go to the gym. Some of us like lifting weights while others prefer bodyweight workouts or simply doing activities like swimming, running, or biking.

I’ve worked with clients where all they did was walk. They still made great progress. Others needed a lot of variety to be happy and stay engaged.

I’m going to help you enjoy moving your body and disassociate exercise from weight loss. This is key to long term motivation.

Asset #6: Customized Mindset Strategy

The mindset work we’re going to do is what’s going to separate our transformation coaching from all the other ineffective “12 week fat loss blitz” plans you’ve seen.

We’re going to find the real reasons you want to lose weight. We’re going to improve your relationship with the scale. We’re going to have you trusting yourself around food again. And we’re going to have you liking what you see in the mirror and being at peace with your body.

During our time together I’ll be listening to cues and asking questions to uncover what drives you as a person, and then we’ll work together to get you to a place of total transformation.

Asset #7: 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee

I’m going to do something most coaches are afraid to do – I’m going to guarantee your satisfaction in the coaching program or I’m going to give you your money back. 😳

I’ve coached enough people to know that you’re going to be happy with your results. So if you do what I ask of you and make a solid effort for 6 months and aren’t happy with the progress you’ve made, I’ll send you your money back.

Try to find another coach who’s willing to make that kind of guarantee. (see full details)

Apply to the Coaching Program

The coaching program is by application only. I take a max of 20 clients at one time. To see if you’re a good fit for the program click the “apply” button below…

  • Initial Assessment & Strategy Planning
  • Ongoing Weekly Video Response Check-ins
  • Unlimited Priority Email Coaching
  • Customized Nutrition Plan
  • Customized Workout Program
  • Customized Mindset Strategy
  • 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee

*6 month minimum commitment

What Clients Have to Say…

Diane Zabriski

“I always struggled with what to eat and how many calories. I am an avid gym goer, an instructor and a runner. But even with all that, I was gaining weight, not losing fat or inches. Then I found Tony’s program. Zero guess work, simple and easy to follow, foods I like. Plus Tony is very supportive and accessible. I was losing pounds almost immediately, and my clothes fit better which is what I wanted all along. Thank you Tony! I’ve learned so much from you.”

Zuzana Brozova

“Tony has taught me one of the most important things – food is your friend, not your enemy! He helped me understand that I need to walk slowly and patiently to finally reach my dream physique but I can still enjoy my favorite foods in moderation (I love my dark chocolate granola bar). And it works. My negative mindset is fixed and I am slowly gaining back my confidence and even though I slip once in a while, I know I won’t give up.”

Nikki Castiglione

“I was originally attracted to Tony because of his “no gimmick” mentality. It’s not low carb or paleo or no sugar or anything like that. Just well balanced, real foods. Working one on one with a coach is definitely what I needed. It’s great being able to ask random one off questions to a human and have that interaction. I REALLY wish I would’ve found him several years ago!! I’m very appreciated as to what Tony’s done for me so far, and I’m excited to see where I get in the next couple months.”

Marlin Toepp

“Thank you Tony for all your help over the last several months! I can’t say enough good things about your coaching program. I was both under eating and over exercising but thanks to you, I learned I can eat anything as long as my portions are in check and I don’t have to spend countless hours at the gym weight training and doing cardio. I’ve leaned out more and everyone has noticed my newly defined muscles in my arms, back, shoulders and legs. I’m so grateful for all your coaching…couldn’t have done this without you!”